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The Town of Guilford established the Economic Development Board in 2003 to focus on town improvements that either directly or indirectly affect economic health.  We assess opportunity, determine needs, secure funding or means and oversee projects.  The board reports to the Guilford selectmen and serves all 1531 residents.  The services we provide are to make good ideas a reality by applying for grants or sending out requests for proposals, coordinating with proper authorities, and seeing projects through to completion. 

Board members are appointed by the selectmen and elect a chairman from their ranks. Current board members are:

Carrie Fellows, Chair               Patti Davis                 Danny Hutchins

Bob McReavy                         Joni Slamm                Roberta Thomas

Sheila Thompson                   Brian Woodworth 

We were awarded a $400,000 grant to improve our downtown by expanding our sidewalks to a boulevard style with trees, period style lighting, two green spaces, buried electric and cable lines underground, and an expanded, paved parking lot.  We were awarded a $250,000 CDBG Housing Assistance Grant and were able to improve 28 homes of low to middle income residents in Guilford with heating efficiency, sewer and septic system improvement, and various other safety issues.  The Guilford Economic Development Board also organizes and operates the annual River Festival on behalf of the town as a way to strengthen our community.  We, on behalf of Guilford, requested and received the official designation of lilac and chickadee capitals of Maine in an effort utilize our natural resources to develop economic growth through tourism.  As part of this program we have planted 77 lilacs over a two year period 



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